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1. Carnitine 500mg 60 Caps Balance
2. L-Glutamine Powder 300gm Blooms
3. Amino Complex - Fruit Punch Flavour 400gm Balance
4. Pre-Workout 450g Balance
5. Amino Acid Complex 90 Caps Pretorius

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the eco shop :: Bodybuilding :: Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are 20 amino acids, of these 10 are designated essential to man, because they must be provided in the diet. Proteins contained in foods such as meat, eggs or milk supply all the essential amino acids. Plant proteins usually contain inadequate amounts of one essential amino acid or more. Acute or chronic infections, trauma, anxiety, fear and other causes of stress generally increase the need for dietary protein. People at risk of a dietary deficiency may include the elderly and active athletes. Also recommended for athletes and physically and/or mentally active adults, for the maintenance of general well-being and fitness.

Amino Acids
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Amino Acid Complex 90 Caps Pretorius
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Amino Acid Complex 90 Caps Pretorius

A mixture of naturally derived essential and non essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

Market price: AUD 41.99
Our price: AUD 37.80 save 10%
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Amino Complex - Fruit Punch Flavour 400gm Balance
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Amino Complex - Fruit Punch Flavour 400gm Balance

BCAA's, EAA'S And Glutamine Intra Workout Formula

Market price: AUD 69.95
Our price: AUD 55.95 save 20%
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Carnitine 500mg 60 Caps Balance
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Carnitine 500mg 60 Caps Balance

Fat Burning Formula

Market price: AUD 51.95
Our price: AUD 39.95 save 23%
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L-Glutamine Powder 300gm Blooms
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L-Glutamine Powder 300gm Blooms

Glutamine is an essential amino acid in the body that contributes to energy production, immune system health and gastrointestinal mucosal membrane health.

Market price: AUD 49.95
Our price: AUD 34.95 save 30%
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Pre-Workout 450g Balance
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Pre-Workout 450g Balance

A unique formulation that contains a blend of BCAA’s, Beta-Alanine, Creatine, Arginine, Citrulline and RedniteTM Beetroot Juice Powder to act as a pre-workout catalyst and take your workouts to the next level.

Market price: AUD 79.95
Our price: AUD 63.95 save 20%
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As the weather changes into Autumn the nights are colder and the days more temperate, the leaves change colour and fall off the trees. Supplementing your daily regime with sone natural vitamins can make all the difference to your quality of life. Aches and pains seem to be on the increase so some anti-inflammatories like Curcumin or Glucosamine can help reduce your discomfort. As we mature eyesight can deteriorate, Bilberry and Lutein may slow the process down and help strengthen the eyes. Immune systems can be compromised ss including some beneficial herbal supplements may give the body what it needs for protection and recovery. If insomia is a problem we have some good sleeping aids to relieve those sleepless nights. Take care and stay well.


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